Rules and Info for Rated Correspondence Events

Starting Games

All games will be started by the CorrEvent TD account. Everyone will receive messages containing who their opponents are, the game label, and in which games to make their first move as White.

Please DO NOT start the games using the cc-start-as command, as described in the correspondence help file. That command is only used for starting a private correspondence game with another member, which means there is no TD account for that game.

Examining Games, Making Moves

All of the correspondence commands are explained fully in "help correspondence", but here is a brief explanation on how to access your correspondence games, examine them, and make moves:

Type: cc-list ... that will bring up your correspondence games. The game # is on the left. The games in which it is your turn to move are marked with an *. To examine the position, type: examine #<game #> ... examine #3, for example.

To make a move in a correspondence game, you would type: cc-move <game #> <move> ... cc-move #3 e4, for example.  A message will then appear on the main console, asking if you really want to make that move. When you answer yes, the move is automatically messaged to your opponent.

If you answer no, the move is cancelled. You can then use the examine command again and cc-move when you're ready to make your move.

Time Control, Time Complaints, Vacation Time

The time control is 10 moves/30 days. Any time not used is carried over. For example, let's say you used 18 days to make the first 10 moves. That means you now have 42 days to make moves 11-20 to stay within the time control (10 moves/30 days, 20 moves/60 days, 30 moves/90 days, etc.). The server keeps track of your time used for each game and can be seen when you type cc-list. You can also see your opponent's time used.

If your opponent oversteps the time control, you can send a time complaint to the TD by using the cc-ask command. For example, if your opponent in your correspondence game #5 goes over the time control, you would type:

cc-ask #5 My opponent has overstepped the time limit

That automatically sends a message to the TD, in this case the CorrEvent account. The first offense results in a warning and the offending player will be messaged. The player making the time complaint will also receive a copy of the message.

If your opponent oversteps the time control for the second time in game #5, then you would type:

cc-ask #5 I claim a time forfeit

The TD account will again be messaged automatically, and if your opponent has indeed gone over the time control a second time, the game will be adjudicated in your favor.

You are allowed up to 30 days vaction time in a calendar year. Let's say you will be going away for a week. You would then message the CorrAbsence account, as well as all of your opponents, which days you will be gone.

Please note that the server will still add those days to your time used, but the TD will always check the CorrAbsence messages when a time complaint is received, and subtract the days you were gone before deciding if you have indeed gone over the time limit.

Game Results

When a game ends the TD account is automatically messaged the result. The game will then be rated and the cross table updated. You can see the ratings and cross tables by clicking on the appropriate links on this website.

Tie breaks

Tie breaks, when needed, will go to whomever won the individual game. If the game was drawn, Black gets the tiebreak.

If the event is a Trio or Quad, and the tied players split their individual games with each other, then 1st place will be shared.


1) ICC paid membership is required and must be maintained throughout the Event. Exempt accounts such as admins, IMs, and GMs are also welcome to play, and strongly encouraged to do so :)

2) COMPUTER USE IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. You may refer to books and other printed material, as well as databases, but you may NOT use any chess-playing engine for assistance. The use of endgame tablebases is also NOT allowed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message 'StesurBarsa' while logged onto ICC.